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The word, therapy, can be intimidating. You may have imagined laying on a couch and staring at the ceiling, while a psychoanalyst asks you about your childhood experiences and past trauma. While this is certainly an approach of some therapists, and we will most certainly explore your childhood and whatever trauma you may bring to our sessions, my approach is much more natural, conversational, and at times, humorous. If you prefer to lay on a couch and stare at the ceiling, you're more than welcome to do so, though I do not have a couch.

Generally speaking, the first time you come in, I will do an intake. It is important to get as full a picture of you as possible within 50 minutes, while also giving you the opportunity to share your primary reason for coming in. Although we will discuss your childhood, family, career and other things, it is important that we have an understanding of what you are seeking out of therapy.

Following your initial session, we will spend time each week, focusing on your reason for initially coming into therapy as well as any new objectives that you may have discovered. Frequently, what people think brings them into therapy isn't what they end up needing to spend the most time on.

My job is to help you to identify any roadblocks and to start to work on them. I will challenge you and encourage you to challenge yourself. It is hard to create something different without reorganizing, rethinking, and forgiving yourself for past decisions. This is a primary initial focus of our work together. My job is also to make sure we don't drive a spade through our dig site when it only needs a small chisel and a brush. I want to help you tweak your behaviors and understand why you do them, not turn you into a completely different person. Hopefully, each session will end with a new understanding or appreciation.

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