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The brain is an interesting puzzle, and like most other challenges in life, one size does not fit all. My therapeutic style combines psychodynamic, CBT and ACT therapy. I am a firm believer in each client being different and thus tailoring my approach. As a result, my methods vary from client to client. 


Here are some examples of my approach:

  • "Alright, what will you do now?" You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. How you move forward and how it impacts you in the present moment, is usually more important than putting a bow on your past. We will certainly explore your history, but stay present.

  • Thoughts and feelings cannot harm you, even the awful ones. They're just thoughts and feelings.

  • Kindness toward yourself is required for progress.

  • Better boundaries are an extension of self kindness.

  • Motivation is key to therapy. Why are you in therapy and what do you want from it?

  • You frequently only need to make small changes in your life to see big results.

  • Improvement requires effort, in therapy and out of therapy. You will spend only 1 out of 168 hours per week in my office. It is important that you recognize that you hold the key.

  • Mental health requires mental flexibility; I will try and steer you away from black and white thinking whenever possible.

  • It is likely time to stop punishing yourself for past mistakes, and take steps toward your values.

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