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Has COVID changed how you live? How many times per day do you check your phone, the news, or social media without even realizing it? It's time to turn off autopilot and regain control of your life. 

Why begin therapy?

  • Do your emotions feel like a roller coaster?

  • Are you feeling isolated since Covid?

  • Are you tired of feeling outraged all the time?

  • Are you addicted to social media and the 24/7 news cycle?

  • Do you feel out of touch with yourself?

  • Are all of your relationships rocky or hanging by a thread?

  • Have you lost interest in the things that you used to enjoy?

  • Have you started acting distant toward your loved ones?

  • Are you feeling anxious, nervous and overwhelmed?

  • Can you not remember the last time you had a meaningful conversation with someone?

  • Does your day feeling like you're on autopilot or "just going through the motions?"

  • Are you emotionally eating?

  • Have you stopped sleeping enough and feel fatigued throughout the day?

  • Has your job performance worsened?

  • Do you want to change but are overwhelmed by the prospect of taking action?


What can therapy help with?


Learn skills to manage anxiety and not let worry be your primary emotion.


Determine the root of your negative mood and get your life back.


Discover what makes your relationships all end similarly. Learn whether or not you are seeking the same relationship repeatedly and what you can do to change your relationship trajectory.

Self Esteem and Decision Making

Develop more confidence and reassurance in your abilities and where you have room for growth.

Stress Management

Learn to let difficulties pass through you, rather than stop you in your tracks.

Rediscovering Yourself

Recenter and reconnect with parts of yourself that you've lost touch with.

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