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Experienced therapist in Rhinebeck, NY

Licensed in New York and Florida

Why start therapy?

My ideal client is ready to challenge themselves to do the work and is tired of feeling stuck or on autopilot. You may have long struggled with focus, sticking to a plan, anxiety, or follow-through. You may find you're still living your life according to your upbringing, rather than in the present. As a result, you may feel overwhelmed, depressed, like you've wasted time, or have no control. I enjoy helping people through life transitions. I also have expertise working with people in startups and technology fields, decision making, and I am both an ADHD-CCSP (ADHD Certified Clinical Services Provider) and a certified CBT provider. If you are ready to make changes, but need a partner, consider reaching out today.

Why begin therapy?

Thoughts you may be having:

  • I'm at a transitional point in my life.

  • I have a hard time focusing.

  • I can't stop worrying about the future.

  • I frequently feel scattered.

  • I have a hard time meeting my goals.

  • I want to change but feel overwhelmed by the idea.
  • I feel down or anxious all of the time.

  • I feel burnt out from my career and daily routine.

  • I feel "off" and out of touch with myself.

  • I've lost interest in the things that I used to enjoy.

  • My day feels like I'm just going through the motions.

  • I've stopped sleeping well and feel tired all the time. 

What you may be feeling:
What is Therapy?

What is therapy?

A monk and student are walking through a field. The monk asks the student, "is that boulder heavy?" The student replies, "of course." The monk answers, "Not if you don't lift it up."


In therapy, we'll try to better understand your boulder, why you insist on carrying something so ponderous, why you're better off sitting on it, rather than lifting it, and what you will do without carrying its burden.

About Jesse Saland

I am an experienced therapist in Rhinebeck, New York. I utilize a variety of modalities to create a treatment that is unique to your experiences. 

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